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Relaxing Photos

What relaxes the human mind? Are you looking for relaxing photos? We’re crawling the web and finding links to authoritative sites on visual relaxation. I imagine you already know that the best way to relax your heart mind and soul is to close your eyes and rest the muscles, but beyond the physical rest, there are certain colors, color ranges, objects, and light levels that are more comforting to the body, mind, and soul.

Here are a list of images you might search for if you’re looking to relax after a busy day at the office.

Colors in Relaxing Photos

Let’s discuss light and spectroscopy:

Red – the color that is most vibrant to the eye and fastest traveling of all the colors, it does not bode well for relaxation but is perfect for getting attention. It’s no wonder that city planners, flag designers and women seeking men choose red to draw the eye to important features and pieces of information.

Blue – the color of the intellectual, mentally soothing and mood lifting when not too dark. While distant from the emotional colors we will read about below blue continues to be the most popular color in the world. A quick look to the blue skies above will remind us why blue is both relaxing and intellectual. Its position in the skies above causes us to think deeper and wonder more.

Yellow – the last in the list of the primary colors, yellow is the color of emotion. It is the color of optimism and desire. It stimulates positive feelings and when mixed with red becomes a stimulus for action towards fulfilling an emotional need. It is no wonder so many fast food chains have chosen red and yellow to draw their customers to buy their foods. Next time you desire a Burger ask yourself if you’d want one if the sign was dark blue and green.

Green – in photography is the most calming and soothing of colors to the eye. It is the color of verdant forests and grassy fields. It is often highlighted by flowers, and other colors but this mixture of blue and yellow brings about a balance of the mental and emotional stimuli.

Purple/Violet – a color of deepness. Deep thoughts, and feelings, deep pleasures, and rich luxuries are all tied up in this color.

Composition of Relaxing Photos

Get it straight, tilting the head adjusting perspective and contemplating finite lines and the implications of our finite lives are all detriments to visual relaxation. We like to be drawn easily into a photo through lines that don’t end but direct us to the horizons. A relaxing photo will draw you easily to the subject and won’t make you tilt your head too much.

Relaxing Photos 01
A leaf in the woods, Seattle, WA in summer.